Create To Do List App in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

What we're going to create :
the to-do list we're going to create has a beautiful UI, the user can add a to-do by filling the input and hit ENTER, after that he can rather check the to-do when it's done, or remove it using the delete button.

The user's to-do list is stored in the local storage, so when he refreshes the page, he can always find the list there.

There is the possibility for the user, to clear the list, by clicking the button clear, at the top right corner of our app.


  1. Please, does this "to-do list " works after computer restart?

  2. Hi, I downloaded the code from gitHub but the app.js file is for the multiple choice quiz and not the toDO list. Can you update this please?

You're welcome to share your ideas with us in comments.


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