Functions in JavaScript

Functions in JavaScript
What is a function in Programming?

A function is a block of code, that is organized and reusable.

why/when do we need a function?

We use a function when we have a block of code, that we will reuse multiple times. so to save time, we put all that code inside what we call a function, then we can run it, by simply, type in the function's name.

Create A Function in JavaScript.

To create a function in JavaScript, we use the keyword function, we can create it, using a function declaration or a function expression.

Function Declaration.

To create a function using a function declaration, we first type the function keyword, then the name of the function, then the parenthesis ( ), and then the curly brackets {}.

Example : 

function doSomething(){

        // code goes here.


To execute the code inside the function you must call the function first.
To call the function "doSomething" above, you have to run this line of code :


The name of the function + the parenthesis ().

Function Expression.

To create a function using a function expression, we first say, let then the variable name, (ex : let x ), then the equal sign "=", then the function keyword, then the parenthesis, then the curly brackets (and the code inside), and finally a semicolon ";".

Example : 

let x = function () {

            // code goes here.


Now to call the function above, we simply call the variable, like this :


The function created using a function expression, is also called an anonymous function, as it has no name.

You can see this article in action, by watching my tutorial about functions in JavaScript below.

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